Sunday, April 30, 2017

Cupcakes Anonymous Farewell Hunt 2017

This is the last year I will do the Cupcakes Anonymous hunt. Here's to a good final year!
Hint: Clutched in her hands, a brand new dress, fitted with a bow so cute. 
"The time for tea is soon!" said Alice, as she scurried to the changing room. 
2. Ama.
Hint: That's not how you get a...head in life...
Nail Polish appliers for Maitreya, Omega, and Vista nails.
Hint: Buy! Sell! Trade! 
Macaroon Bracelet/Necklace with texture HUD
4. Myth
Hint: I`m getting all dusty up here on the clock.
Hint: Save the Llama Drama for yo mama!
Hint: I'm in the store so don't go far,
among the box car children and where the wild things are!
Hint: Everyone needs a little glamour.
Hint: Cupcakes or Donuts
Hint: A woman like a goddess.

Hint: This is one award winning cupcake!
Hint: Sweet like candy.
Hint: You're a wizard, Harry!
Hint: "Take a seat, rest from all that hunting!"
14. ARTE
Hint: The dogs looove cupcakes!
15. Cwtch
Hint: Remember, it's better to look up.
Hint: Prize  1 - I think I left something on the shelf.
Hint: Prize 2 - With my eyes I spy something black.
Hint: Prize 3 - Take a Walk on the Beach.
Hint: Prize 4 - I suggest you look in one of the pink houses.
Hint: Prize 5 - Lets take a balloon ride.
17. Mutiny in Heaven (all in 1 hunt prim)
Hint: Look for the busted angel.
Hint: Get your gacha!
Hint: Grab some pop before you shop!
Hint: Ribbit, ribbit!
21. Epicine
Hint: Chastity loves cupcakes! ❤
22. [NEPHILIM]  (one hunt prize)
Hint: I gacha prize and you can't have it.

Hint: Walk on in and find something near the Flower Vase.